Urbiotica joins the DTI network to contribute to the digitalisation and improvement of mobility in tourist destinations

The aim of the Smart Tourist Destinations network is to lead the development of the Spanish tourism sector through innovation and technology. Thus, the DTI Network promotes synergies and knowledge transfer among its members and also outside its own network in order to give visibility to the project and the DTIs.

Urbiotica in the DTI network

Urbiotica has been included as a smart solutions provider in the latest DTI Network commission to bring its solid experience in improving mobility, already implemented in tourist destinations in different parts of the world. With Urbiotica’s Fastprk solutions, destinations will be able to optimise the use and capacity of outdoor car parks by guiding drivers to free spaces, as well as being much more efficient in controlling regulated parking.

Tourist areas receive such a high volume of visitors that access to certain areas of the city is often complicated, making mobility and coexistence with residents difficult. Cities such as Las Palmas, Ibiza, Santiago, Alcoi, Calvià or l’Escala have resorted to Urbiotica’s technology to solve their parking problems, thus improving mobility in certain areas, making them more efficient and at the same time more pleasant and attractive for tourists and their citizens.

Urbiotica has a complete portfolio of solutions for parking digitalization and mobility improvement. The solutions are based on different sensor systems that adapt to the idiosyncrasies of any project, and which, together with variable message signs using dynamic parking panels and/or apps, solve congestion in the most visited areas of the city. This contributes to environmental sustainability, the quality of life of citizens and exponentially improves the experience of tourists who visit them.

Examples of solutions implemented in tourist destinations:

Urban guidance solution implemented in L’Escala:

U-Spot sensors were deployed square by square in the parking spaces or U-Flows at the entrances and exits of the 4 most important car parks in the centre of L’Escala. The data they capture is transformed into useful information that guides customers directly to free spaces via the information panels installed. In this way, traffic congestion in the centre caused by vehicles circulating in search of parking spaces was reduced.

Guidance solution for tourist buses in the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona):

164 sensors were installed along the four streets adjacent to the Sagrada Familia. The system sends all occupancy information to a central management unit and the information is transmitted to users in real time via several information panels located at key points in the city. Bus drivers can also check the availability of free spaces through the website.

Guidance solution for park and ride areas in Barcelona:

The park and ride solution was installed in 10 areas in Barcelona as part of ATM’s low emission zones programme. The data captured by the sensors transmits the availability of free spaces at strategic arrival points in the city using information panels or via mobile apps. In this way, drivers are informed about the availability of spaces in these parking areas so that they can go directly to the area with free spaces and reach the city centre using alternative transport methods.

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