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Parking guidance systems for shopping centres

Improve the experience of users coming to the shopping centre by implementing a parking guide solution to lead them to free spots.
Make parking easier for drivers and boost client loyalty.

  • Lower the amount of time it takes to find a spot

  • Improve clients’ and users’ experience

  • Earn client loyalty

  • Increases the number of people coming to the shopping centre

  • Improve the brand image. Convey the image of being an innovative company

  • Learn about client behaviour: time spent, timetable frequency, favourite zones, etc.

How does it work?
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Spot-by-spot flush, autonomous parking sensor that detects the arrival, presence and departure of vehicles in each spot. Choose the U-Spot that best fits your project depending on the best communication network: NB-IoT or LoRaWAN.


Spot-by-spot detection software based on processing images captured in real time by compatible cameras using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies. It captures information spot by spot, reaching a larger number of spots with a single camera.


Detection software based on Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to count the vehicles entering and leaving a car park using cameras.

The data obtained from the detection are used to:

Inform users

Costumized VMS

They show drivers the availability of spots in each parking zone

Parktime: Parking guide app for users

It shows drivers the availability of spots in each parking zone and allows them to plan their journey before getting started

Manage parking

U-Admin: Device & Data Management

Manage all the devices, apps and variable sign panels associated with your parking solution

U-Admin: Control Center

Check the status of all parking spots in real time

Why does our parking guide solution for shopping centres stand out?

  • Only solution in the world that offers single space detection and tallying systems with the same communication infrastructure and software.
  • 360º solution, from detection to the variable sign panels and parking guide apps.
  • Reliable, robust vehicle detection devices and communication system without maintenance.
  • Quick, easy integration with other third-party parking systems via modern, standard APIs.
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