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Parking guidance solution for companies

Guide employees and visitors directly to the available spots in the company’s parking area. Make employee parking easier in order to lower their stress when coming to work and boost their company loyalty. Lower the amount of time it takes to find a spot.

  • Lower the chaos in the car park and employees’ daily stress

  • Improve the experience of visitors and workers

  • Gain employee loyalty

  • Convey the image of being a technological, innovative company

How does it work?
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Spot-by-spot flush, autonomous parking sensor that detects the arrival, presence and departure of vehicles in each spot. Choose the U-Spot that best fits your project depending on the best communication network: NB-IoT or LoRaWAN.


Single space detection software based on processing images captured in real time by compatible cameras using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies. It captures information spot by spot, reaching a larger number of spots with a single camera.


Detection software based on Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to count the vehicles entering and leaving a car park using cameras.

The data obtained from the detection are used to:

Inform users

Costumized VMS

They show drivers the availability of spots in each parking zone

Parktime: Parking guide app for users

It shows drivers the availability of spots in each parking zone and allows them to plan their journey before getting started

Manage parking

U-Admin: Device & Data Management

Manage all the devices, apps and variable sign panels associated with your parking solution

U-Admin: Centro de Control Guiado

Check the status of all parking spots in real time

Why does our company parking guide solution stand out?

  • 360º solution, from detection to the variable sign panels and parking guide apps
  • Only solution in the world that offers spot-by-spot detection and tallying systems with the same communication and software infrastructure
  • System of autonomous, flexible, precise and robust wireless sensors
  • Option of tallying sensors for large car parks and spot sensors for executives and VIP visitors
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