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Guide app

Guide app

Mobile app to guide users directly to free parking places

The Guidance App guides users directly to free parking places and thus prevents unnecessary traffic congestion when looking for places to park. It’s the perfect complement for a guidance project!

Users can check the status of parking spots on a street map in real time.
¿How it works?
In case drivers do not respect the established parking regulations, an offence is generated on the U-Admin platform: non-payment, non-compliance with the user declaration, maximum time of use or payment exceeded.
An infringement alert is generated and reported/displayed directly in ParkCTRL. The manager and the enforcement officer can filter the information by type or importance, to prioritise the intervention and efficiently organise the control forces.
Once the officer has duly handled the offence, it is indicated in the APP and the information is stored for future analysis and statistics.
The manager monitors the entire system and the guard's activity in order to progressively improve and optimise the organisation based on reliable, real-time information.
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