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Fastprk DATA API: Parking control data

Fastprk DATA API

Include car park control data in your system

Fastprk data API provides a full list of REST APIs to integrate with the U-Admin platform and get information regarding the control of regulated spaces: user declaration, notice of reports, generated alerts, etc. as well as the occupation and relevant information for the managed spaces or car park.

Request the data that best suit the usage case

Control Projects: collect real-time data on infractions committed in a spot. Send ticket data to view them in U-Admin.

  • Analytics: create your own control panels by collecting the data from alerts, revenue from notice of reports or tickets and parking sessions on your platform.
  • Include technical information: collect technical data on project devices for more complete information and to perform preventive maintenance.
Incorporate third-party solutions in U-Admin to generate more value

U-Admin allows the integration of third parties such as other sensor manufacturers, indoor car parks, payment systems, municipal Apps, among others.
Third-party elements are thus combined with the benefits of the U-Admin platform for mutual benefit. Once injected into the system, these data are equivalent to the information that Urbiotica generates regarding business functions for both analytics and control.

Why FastPrk data API?
Manage the control of regulated places more efficiently with the information generated by alerts.
Main features
  • Accessibility to control and business information
  • Use the U-Admin portal as a product
  • RESTful APIs
  • AMQP and Callbacks for integration by events
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