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Device & Data Management


IoT platform to manage devices and mine data

Easily connect, manage and integrate all the devices via the U-Admin web platform and mobile app. All the system’s intelligence is concentrated in U-Admin: it captures the information from the sensors, processes it and turns it into reliable data which is stored and shared via standard APIs.

Why U-Admin Device & Data Management?
Simple and fully digital installation
  • Choose your project settings and manage your users.
  • Install and activate sensors quickly and reliably.
  • Remotely manage the proper functioning of the system thanks to the alert service and real-time device monitoring.
  • Remotely manage the devices and minimize the need for field interventions and their associated costs.
Intelligence of detection
  • It captures the information from the Urbiotica sensors and from other detection systems via the Fastprk DATA API.
  • It applies calibration and detection algorithms to process the data measured and turn them into reliable data.
  • It stores the information in real time, as well as the historical data. which it shares via Fastprk DATA API.
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