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Solutions for Car Park Control

  • It guarantees compliance with parking regulations.
  • It lowers infractions and fraud.
  • It increases rotation and improves the availability of parking spots.
  • It improves monitoring efficacy by optimising its costs.
  • It guides users directly to free spots and thus improves their experience.
Optimises the use and control of parking spaces
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Loading and Unloading

It monitors the proper use of parking spots for Loading and Unloading. It improves the availability of spots and lowers the chaos and costs associated with monitoring via a system based on automatic alerts.


It lowers fraud in paid parking zones on public streets, as well as the costs associated with monitoring them. It increases the rotation of spots and user satisfaction.

Persons with Reduced Mobility

It monitors the proper use of spots reserved for PRM. It frees up spots used fraudulently and offers more parking possibilities for those who really need to park. It lowers the associated costs via more efficient management based on infraction alerts.

Limited-time free parking

It makes sure limited-time parking spots are used properly, increases user rotation and lowers the associated costs by more efficient management and monitoring.

Electric vehicles

It monitors the proper use of spots and improves their availability. It lowers monitoring expenses via a system based on automatic infraction alerts.


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Our solutions for Car Park Control not only detect violations but also generate automated alarms, optimizing control. This not only reduces non-compliance but also encourages users to comply more by feeling that the control is effective, thereby improving adherence to parking regulations.

Our solutions for Car Park Control focus on the supervision and effective enforcement of parking regulations through intelligent systems. This reduces indiscipline in parking spaces, thereby increasing the rotation and availability of free parking spaces.

Our solutions for Car Park Control use automated systems that reduce costs by eliminating constant patrols. The attendant intervenes only in case of infringement alerts, optimizing supervision and enhancing resource efficiency.

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