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Artificial vision detection of parking spaces


To detect the carpark's occupancy space by space.

The single space detection software uses artificial intelligence to detect the entry and exit of vehicles in each parking space in real time. It is based on processing images taken by compatible cameras using artificial intelligence and deep learning. Thanks to this software, more spaces can be covered by a single camera.

How it works?

Let us tell you quickly how it works

Why U-Spot VISIO?
Artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-based video analytics

It works with any IP camera on the market with a minimum resolution of 2 Mpx (1920×1080) and which sends images by FTP. It works with minimum lighting of 10 Lux.

High precision in vehicle detection and rotation

It instantaneously detects any change in the occupancy of the parking space thanks to its immediate reaction and its more than 99% reliability rate throughout its lifespan. The information on occupancy also reports on the amount of time the different vehicles are parked. It is designed for outdoor car parks and can cover up to 50 spaces under optimal location conditions.

Compliant with the GDPR

The software complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Easy integration with other systems

The information from the sensors can be integrated with any platform, mobile app or parking management system that is already operating.

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