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Loading and unloading parking solutions

Improve urban logistics by guiding delivery people directly to free spots in loading and unloading zones and monitoring them based on alerts to prevent improper use of these zones.

  • Lower infractions by identifying and monitoring users.

  • Monitor maximum authorized time and encourage rotation.

  • Lower monitoring costs by visualising alerts in real time.

  • Guide authorized users directly to free spots.

  • Lower the number of double-parked vehicles.

  • Lower traffic and the associated pollution. Improve the city’s overall wellbeing.

Custom-design your solution


Single space flush, autonomous parking sensor that detects the arrival, presence and departure of vehicles in each spot. Choose the U-Spot that best fits your project depending on the best communication network: NB-IoT or LoRaWAN.

The data obtained from the detection are used to:

Inform citizens

Parktime: Parking guide app for users

Receive real-time alerts on unauthorized users who have occupied a Loading and Unloading spot and those that have outstayed the maximum time allowed.

Monitoring parking

ParkCTRL monitoring for officers

U-Admin: Device & Data Management

Manage all the devices, apps and variable sign panels associated with your parking solution

Parking & Sensor integration

Fastprk can be integrated with third-party systems to both collect information on availability and share all the information generated.

Why does our loading and unloading solution stand out?

360º solution, from detection to the variable sign panels and parking guide apps.

Robust, reliable vehicle detection technology without maintenance.

The app for users facilitates and encourages its use by providing them with information on available spots, as well as the amount of authorised time remaining.

Quick, easy integration with other third-party parking system via modern, standard APIs.

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