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ParkTime. Parking management app


ParkTime: A mobile app and web platform to guide users and where users can declare their use of regulated parking spots.

ParkTime is the mobile app in which drivers can declare the use of a reserved parking place. It offers users extra functionalities such as information related to the availability of parking and notifications on the amount of authorized time remaining.

Free-of-charge reserved parking spots have an app for drivers

With ParkTime, drivers can now easily get a parking receipt to show the government that they are using these places appropriately. ParkTime can be used as a management tool independent of detection sensors, with guards who manually inspect them, and can be operated along with other sensors that detect the presence of the vehicle or for semi-automated management based on alerts.

Main features
  • Versions for Android and iOS
  • Public and private access
    Multi-city app
  • Information on the availability of parking spots
  • Car park declaration to cross-check with information from the sensor
  • Automatic identification by geofencing parking spots
  • Notifications on blocked screens
  • Information for the user after parking: Where is my car? How much time do I have left?
Why ParkTime?
With ParkTime, drivers have an app that tells them which reserved parking spots are being used (PRM, Loading and Unloading, electric vehicle charging or limited-time parking spots).
Why ParkTime?
ParkTime includes back-office functionalities to manage the information published on the app such as authorized users or the different parking policies associated with certain parking spots.
Main features of the Back-office
  • Fully integrated into U-Admin
  • Categories according to the type of parking space: PRM, Loading and Unloading, electric vehicles, etc.
  • User management to give access to the APP: create, edit, delete and block.
  • Authorize or not the creation of the account from the APP.
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