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Fastprk: parking guidance system

The wide range of hardware and software products integrated in Fastprk enables it to cover the different outdoor parking guidance use cases.

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Our Fastprk parking guidance products

U-Admin: Control center

View in the information on the status of parking spots and car parks in real time. Remotely manage the information viewed on the apps and dynamic message signs.

Costumized VMS

Guide drivers to areas with available parking and indicate the number of free spots with panels with up to 6 information modules.


Simply implement a modular, flexible solution to show drivers the number of free spots in both urban and private settings.

App Guidance

Show users where they can find a free spot. Use the standard version, customize it or integrate it into your own app

U-Admin Analytics: Analyze the behavior of your car parks.

Analyze the records (occupancy, rotation, vehicle flow) through different personalisable dashboards.

Fastprk DATA API

Easily integrate available information with your apps and information panels or with your systems to build your own dashboards.


The parking guidance system is the foundation of Fastprk's comprehensive guidance solutions.

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