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Urban parking guidance in L'Escala to alleviate the congestion and the trouble caused by huge influxes of tourists in the summer

Country: Spain
Project of: Parking guidance
Main products: U-Spot, U-Flow
The challenge

To solve traffic congestion in the center of L'Escala caused by vehicles driving around to find parking and thus to alleviate collateral damage.

L’Escala is a town located in a privileged spot on the Costa Brava. It is extremely appealing to tourists and summer visitors, meaning that seasonality is a huge factor. The local administration saw how in the summer months, the population multiplied and consequently suffered from bothersome traffic congestion in the urban nucleus, primarily caused by vehicles looking for parking. This was annoying and stressful, it affected the satisfaction of citizens and businesses in the center, and it harmed the city’s own image.

The solution

The project in L’Escala was conducted in two phases, and ultimately included a total of 732 parking spots with sensors.

U-Spot sensors were deployed in the parking spots, and U-Flow sensors were installed at the entrances and exits of the 5 largest parking lots in the center of L’Escala. The data they capture are transformed into useful information that guides customers directly to the free spots via the dynamic message signs installed.

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Better rotation of parking occupancy
  • Reduction in traffic caused by people searching for parking spots
  • Stimulation of local businesses
  • Improves environmental quality
  • Greater wellbeing and better quality of life for citizens
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