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Parking guidance in the blue zone in Calpe to put an end to the traffic congestion in zones near the beach.

Country: Spain
Project of: Urban parking guidance
Main products: U-Spot, dynamic message signs
The challenge

To lower the amount of time needed to find a parking spot in the regulated parking zones near the beach.

Calpe is one of the main tourist cities on Spain’s east coast. Specifically, Calle Alemania, one of the main streets with parking to reach the beach west of Ifach, has to deal with major traffic congestion from people searching for parking places in the summer months. This entire situation upset residents and visitors and affected their satisfaction, thus harming the city’s image.

The solution

The project implemented in Calpe entailed installing 34 U-Spot sensors to improve the mobility in the zone.

The local City Hall, along with the company operating the blue zone, Pavapark, chose Urbiotica’s urban parking guidance solution to improve mobility in the zones near the beach.
Calle Alemania was equipped with 34 U-Spot wireless, autonomous vehicle detection sensors. The system tells drivers about the availability of parking spots in real time via a dynamic message sign located at the entrance to the street.
Parallel to this project, Pavapark has launched a mobile payment app, Moviltik, so that citizens can pay for their parking spot without having to go to the parking meters.

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Drop in vehicle saturation on the street
  • Better experience for residents and visitors
  • Improves citizens’ quality of life
  • The parking operators receives precise, reliable data on the use of the blue zone.
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