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Vehicle detection through Artificial Intelligence


To tally the vehicles entering and leaving a delimited parking zone via autonomous underground sensors

The U-Flow parking sensors detect any vehicle that goes through the entrance/exit of a well-delimited parking zone in real time. The tally system is especially designed for large Park & Ride carparks with clearly delimited access lanes. The number of free spaces is updated in real time every time a car enters or leaves the zone to inform drivers about the availability of parking spaces.

How it works?

Let us tell you quickly how it works

Why U-Flow?
High precision

Cloud detection guarantees the perfect calibration in time and allows the advanced filtering and noise reduction techniques to discriminate electromagnetic interference or false events. It is not affected by weather conditions like snow, water or dust.

More than 15 years of lifespan

Thanks to the cloud detection approach, which minimizes energy consumption, as well as the robustness of the sensor, which guarantees its ability to withstand loads and damages.

Lowers costs

The system requires installation only at the entrances and exits of the delimited area and can be combined with the U-Spot system if parking spaces reserved for specific uses are installed. Everything is managed from the same system.

The information from the sensors can be integrated with any platform, mobile app or parking management system already in operation.

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