Urbiotica already participates in 5 of the Smart Cities projects called by RED.es

We are committed to collaborate with the awarded companies in their projects promoted by RED.es and the DUSI strategy.

Through the calls for “Smart Cities” and “Smart Tourist Destinations”, Red.es has promoted a new dynamic in the sector. Urbiotica has made a strong commitment to accompany the companies awarded contracts within this national plan that seeks to develop and support the creation of a specialized sector with high added value.

There are already 5 projects in Spain managed by Red.es in which Urbiotica is participating:

Our Smart Parking solution for public roads, used for the guidance and control of regulated parking and reserved spaces, is installed in these cities to meet the objectives defined for the improvement of mobility, especially focused on urban parking management.

These are two use case examples of the reserved parking spaces control solutions:

PRM solution (Persons reduced mobility)

Load & Unload solution

Beyond the solution itself and its benefits, these macro projects of smart cities imply several integrations with the other existing components and systems of the involved City Councils: unified access to the applications, integrations with the municipal GIS and business tools, customization of functionalities… Urbiotica stands out at this point for its ability to adapt its standard solution to the specific needs required to optimize the performance of the installed system and its use for both citizens and municipal managers.

On the other hand, the economic model of these projects, co-financed by the European Union and the Spanish government, require a great level of demand and maximum quality from the suppliers involved in the execution, as the investments made and the results obtained must be carefully justified.

Many of the projects implemented by Red.es are carried out thanks to European Union funding, through the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) and the European Social Fund (FSE).

Spain has also committed to another line of funding, the DUSI (Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development) strategy, which allows public administrations to accelerate investments related to technological development and innovation, the transition to a low-carbon economy and the promotion of sustainable transport, among many others. Along these lines, Urbiotica has participated in the project to control the parking spaces reserved for loading and unloading, PRM and taxis in Castelló, as well as in the project to guide vehicles to free spaces in the city center of Utrera.

To be selected for funding through the European Funds, the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy must meet one of the selected FEDER Thematic Objectives (OT).

Urbiotica’s guidance solution for urban parkingcomplies with thematic objective 4, which is to “Promote the transition to a low-carbon economy in all sectors”. By providing citizens with information on the availability of free spaces in the different parking areas in real time, it allows them to reduce the time spent looking for parking spaces in the urban environment. ts positive impact has been demonstrated in many towns in Spain by freeing the city center from the traffic linked to this management.

Another OT area offered by Urbiotica’s solutions is thematic objective 7: “Promoting sustainable transport and eliminating bottlenecks in critical network infrastructure”. The U-Flow Aforo entry/exit counting system is increasingly used to promote access to “Park&Ride” type parking areas on the outskirts of cities, which consists of parking the private vehicle and taking public transport to reach the center.

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