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Parking guidance project in the most digitalized shopping complex in Spain to lower the amount of time customers need to find a parking spot.

Country: Spain
Project of: Parking guidance
Main products: U-Flow
The challenge

To lower the amount of time customers of the La Torre Outlet shopping complex need to find a parking spot.

La Torre Outlet is the most digitalized shopping complex in all of Spain, where customers can get real-time information on the stores in order to plan their route. The parking lot also had to be part of this digitalization. A solution was needed to guide customers and make the parking process easier in a parking lot with almost 2,500 spots.

This solution was implemented by Urbiotica and conveys real-time information on the availability of parking spots.

The solution

The La Torre project has 55 tallying sensors divided into 7 parking zones.

The parking guidance solution at La Torre Outlet equipped the complex with a total of 55 U-Flow sensors (link to product) divided into the 7 parking zones in the complex’s parking lot. In addition to the sensors located at the entrances and exits, 9 dynamic message signs were installed to show users the availability of parking spots in the parking lot’s different zones.

Plus, Urbiotica also provided static panels showing the location of the complex’s different parking zones.

La Torre also has access to U-Admin, where it can change the settings and check all the information related to the parking lot.

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Higher rotation and occupancy of the parking lot
  • Reduction in the traffic caused by people looking for a parking spot
  • Client wellbeing and satisfaction
  • Brand loyalty
  • The brand conveys the image of being an innovative company
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