Ustka modernizes its historic center with Urbiotica technology

Urbiotica has implemented a new project featuring an innovative deployment in collaboration with our partner, Szymkowiak Sp. z o. o, which will transform the parking landscape in the city of Ustka. This initiative, supported by the municipality of Słupsk, is a fundamental part of a comprehensive strategy to revitalize the historic center of the city, located near the central railway station.

With a total of 230 U-Spot  sensors and informational panels strategically distributed across three points in the Ustka parking area, this project provides real-time information on parking space availability. This allows drivers to locate free spaces more efficiently, significantly reducing search time and improving traffic flow in the area.

Overcoming technical challenges

One of the main obstacles during implementation was adapting to the parking area’s surface due to its instability caused by openings or perforations known as “perforated slabs.” However, Urbiotica successfully overcame this challenge, ensuring the effectiveness and precision of the sensors under all conditions. These surface-installed sensors are protected against mechanical damage caused by vehicles or snow removal, ensuring their durability and continuous operation.

Next steps

The next steps include the development and launch of a mobile application that will allow end users to check parking occupancy in real-time. Additionally, the system will be continuously monitored, making necessary adjustments to optimize its functionality and ensure the best possible user experience.

The successful implementation of the smart parking system in Ustka marks a significant milestone for sustainable urban development and the improvement of the quality of life in the city. This collaboration between Urbiotica and Szymkowiak demonstrates the potential of technological innovation to address current urban challenges. This project promises a more efficient parking experience and a more sustainable future for Ustka, setting an inspiring precedent for other cities.

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