Urbiotica revolutionizes urban parking in Salamanca 

The implementation of the smart parking in the municipalities of Ciudad Rodrigo and Peñaranda de Bracamonte, in Salamanca, has been an innovative and effective response to tackle one of the main urban challenges, parking. In collaboration with Telefónica, we have achieved a solution that not only addresses the shortage of parking spaces but also significantly improves the quality of life of citizens and the efficiency in urban mobility. 

The initial evident challenge was the scarcity of parking spaces and the chaos of vehicles that arose from the search for free spots, causing traffic problems and affecting the residents’ quality of life. The main objective has been to implement intelligent solutions that allow drivers to find available spots quickly and efficiently. To address this challenge, a thorough analysis of parking needs in the towns of Ciudad Rodrigo and Peñaranda de Bracamonte was carried out, identifying the areas most affected by the lack of spaces and vehicle congestion.

A comprehensive plan was developed that included the installation of single space detection sensors in the parking lots of both towns, aiming to monitor the occupancy of the spots in real-time and provide updated information to drivers. 

The adopted solution was the installation of single space detection sensors, specifically the U-Spot M2M, in the parking lots of both towns. These sensors have the ability to detect the presence of vehicles in each parking spot and send this information to a centralized platform. 

But the solution is not only limited to data collection . The results of vehicle detection are displayed on strategically located informative panels in the city, guiding drivers to areas with available parking spots. This real-time information not only optimizes the use of parking spaces but also reduces search time and, consequently, traffic and congestion on the streets. 

The collaboration with Telefónica was fundamental, as the data integration was incorporated into Telefónica’s Thinking Cities platform as required by the project, thus allowing centralized management of the entire project from our client’s system. 

On street parking guidance solution

In summary, the implementation of these smart parking systems in Ciudad Rodrigo and Peñaranda de Bracamonte has been a success story in improving urban mobility and the quality of life for citizens. Thanks to the collaboration between our team and Telefónica, we have managed to offer a comprehensive solution that not only addresses the parking challenge but also lays the groundwork for more efficient, sustainable, and livable cities. It is important to note that this project has been successfully implemented and is currently fully operational, benefiting residents and visitors of these towns continuously. 


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