Urbiotica awarded again for the second phase of the smart parking project in Valencia 

The Valencia City Council is expanding its smart parking project in collaboration with Pavapark, initiating the second phase of their innovative smart parking initiative. This expansion reaffirms their commitment to transforming into a smarter and more sustainable city. The new phase will build upon the initial project implemented with Urbiotica, adding sensors to 2000 new parking spaces and integrating Urbiotica’s Smart Parking platform with the city’s Smart City platform, VLCi. This integration will gather data from all installed sensors and provide advanced functionalities such as analytics and management of regulated parking spaces. 

The project deployment is structured into two distinct phases: 

  • First phase: During this initial stage, M2M sensors were installed in parking spaces, prioritizing those designated for persons with reduced mobility (PMR) and loading/unloading zones (CyD). This focused approach aimed to significantly enhance accessibility and ensure critical areas were properly equipped. 
  • Second phase: In the current stage, an additional 2,000 M2M sensors will be added, expanding coverage while maintaining a focus on efficiency and accessibility. This extension ensures a more robust and effective implementation of the smart parking system, optimizing mobility and the use of public space. 

Objectives and Benefits: 

Optimization of public space management: Through more efficient parking space management. 

– Reduction of traffic, pollution, and noise: By reducing the time drivers spend searching for parking. 

– Improved accessibility: Particularly benefiting persons with reduced mobility and users of loading/unloading areas. 

Integration with Smart City Platform: 

Urbiotica’s Smart Parking platform will integrate with VLCi, enabling advanced functionalities such as: 

– Analytics: Providing detailed data on parking space usage to facilitate informed decision-making. 

– Management of regulated spaces: Enhancing the administration of spaces designated for PMR and loading/unloading zones. 

The awarding of this project to Urbiotica reflects the València City Council’s strong commitment to accessibility and environmental sustainability. The implementation of this advanced technology promises not only to enhance citizens’ quality of life but also to strengthen urban sustainability. The smart parking project represents a crucial step in modernizing urban space management in València. The adoption of advanced technology will not only optimize mobility and reduce environmental impact but also improve accessibility for all citizens. 

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