Urbiotica and GuidePark launch a pioneering project to improve parking in Blumenau 

Urbiotica, a leader in IoT solutions for intelligent management of urban spaces, has partnered with our partner GuidePark to implement an innovative project that will revolutionize parking in Latin America, specifically in Blumenau, Brazil. With a total of 2.390 spaces covered by this project, we are addressing a crucial need in the region. 

The main objective of this initiative is to enhance the parking experience in the city by providing an intelligent system that simplifies the payment process and gives users real-time information on space availability through a dedicated mobile application. 

The developed mobile application will allow users to check space availability in real time, making it easier for them to plan their parking more efficiently and reduce time spent searching for empty spaces. 

Urbiotica plays a fundamental role in this project by providing parking space occupancy detection technology through its U-Spot magnetic sensor system. With approximately 2.390 spaces covered by this initiative, a significant impact on improving urban mobility and user experience in Blumenau is expected, where the project is being carried out. 

In summary, this project marks a significant milestone in the quest for intelligent solutions to improve urban mobility in Brazil.

The implementation of an innovative parking system, supported by cutting-edge technology and an intuitive mobile application, will not only optimize the parking experience for citizens but also contribute to a more equitable distribution of urban resources in paid parking.  

Urbiotica and GuidePark reaffirm their commitment to innovation with this initiative and their ability to drive progress towards smarter and more livable cities. 


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