Skanderborg – Denmark takes a step towards the future with its innovative parking guidance project with the assistance of Urbiotica 

In response to the growing challenge of traffic congestion and parking search in Skanderborg, a Danish city renowned for its vibrant cultural scene and events like the Smukfest music festival, an ambitious parking management project has been launched. In collaboration with our partner ATKI, this initiative aims to transform the parking experience in the city and enhance mobility for both residents and visitors. 

The increase in traffic, especially during large-scale events like Smukfest, has posed significant challenges in parking management in Skanderborg. In order to alleviate congestion and facilitate mobility, it was essential to implement innovative solutions that would enable drivers to efficiently find available parking spaces. 

The project proposed the implementation of a comprehensive parking space detection system and informational panels that provide drivers with real-time information on parking space availability in the city. This involved the use of advanced technologies such as magnetic sensors and cameras to detect space occupancy and offer precise guidance to drivers. 

The project included the installation of 22 signage panels on the main access roads and parking areas of Skanderborg. These panels provided real-time visual information on parking space availability and personalized messages to guide drivers. 

The implementation of this innovative parking management solution not only benefits urban drivers by offering them a more convenient and efficient parking experience but also improves the quality of life for residents by reducing traffic congestion and promoting more sustainable mobility. Additionally, during events like Smukfest, this solution significantly contributes to traffic flow management and attendee satisfaction. 

In summary, the project represents a clear example of how technological innovation can positively transform the urban experience and address increasingly pressing mobility challenges. With its successful implementation, Skanderborg is positioned as a leader in adopting smart solutions to improve mobility and quality of life in urban environments. 


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