Regulated parking in Cachoeiro of Itapemirim, Brazil

The city of Cachoeiro of Itapemirim, located in the state of Espírito Santo in Brazil and which has some 160,000 inhabitants, is re-starting the regulated parking for some 2,186 spaces with a 2 hour maximum stay.

The decision was motivated by the lack of available spaces in the city center, where the absence of regulation since 2015 has led to vehicles being parked for long periods and very slight vehicle rotations in the parking spaces. This caused a serious shop access problem in this area, together with a great amount of citizens moving around in search of a free space, which really complicated the mobility.

The regulated parking operator, Rek Parking, installed 500 U-Spot sensors in the most critical areas of the city. It uses the information received from the sensors to improve the service offered:

  • Free space availability is indicated through the same APP used for payment.
  • Control operation is improved through the use of a pay-by-space model.

The pedagogical effect of the implemented solution was immediate. Fraud was automatically reduced once users knew they were being controlled. On the other hand, thanks to the new system, the resources allocated to control are much more efficient now that they only have to handle the notified infraction cases. Only 15 workers carry out the management of the whole regulated parking in Cachoeiro.


During the inauguration, Victor Coelho, mayor of Cachoeiro quoted: “A modern, smart city with great urban mobility, needs parking to be regulated. Certainly, this new system will bring many benefits to the development of Cachoeiro“.

All users agree that it is much easier to find free spaces. There is a much greater availability due to the 2-hour parking limitation. Those who need to park longer use the private parking that offer longer stay services.

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