New role of Josep Maria Torras as President of AMEC Urbis 

Urbiotica is pleased to announce that Josep Maria Torras, CEO of the company, has been appointed as the new president of AMEC Urbis. Up to this date, Josep Maria has played a prominent role as a member of the Board of Directors, a board that brings together approximately 40 leading companies in the field of urban and mobility solutions. This appointment is a testament to his consistent commitment to innovation and collaboration in the field of urban mobility solutions and smart cities. 

Josep Maria will simultaneously assume a position on the Board of Directors of AMEC, further strengthening Urbiotica’s institutional presence in the ecosystem of companies and solutions it encompasses. 

AMEC: Fostering Competitiveness in Spain 

AMEC is a community of internationally oriented industrial companies that play a fundamental role in promoting key competitiveness factors in Spanish companies. These factors include anticipation, adaptability, collaboration, globalization, and sustainability. The companies that make up AMEC have accumulated exports exceeding 6.2 billion euros, with an average of 57.7% of their revenue dedicated to exports and 5.1% allocated to innovation activities. 

It is worth noting that AMEC consists of several segments, and one of the most prominent is AMEC Urbis. This segment is characterized by offering comprehensive technological solutions focused on innovation and sustainability to ensure a better future for cities. 

Urban Transformation in the 21st Century 

The world is undergoing a radical transformation in the urban sphere, driven by mega-trends such as urban overpopulation, sustainability, the information technology revolution, and the reclamation of cities for people. These trends offer significant opportunities for the urban and mobility solutions sector. From the new paradigm of mobility to the implementation of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge Computing, a horizon filled with possibilities is emerging. 

Commitment to Smarter and Sustainable Cities 

Josep Maria’s appointment as president of AMEC Urbis reinforces Urbiotica’s commitment to leading these changes and contributing to the development of smarter and more sustainable cities. This appointment represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey, demonstrating its dedication to innovation and leadership in the field of solutions for improving mobility in cities.