First Fastprk sales for Urbiotica

Urbiotica recently announced the acquisition of Fastprk and has already recorded the first sales of the new business line. Several smart parking projects will soon be deployed in Mexico, Greece, and Poland, including more than 800 Fastprk DUO parking sensors.

Customers have highlighted Urbiotica’s ability to respond to their needs, especially in light of the new and complex scenario marked by the COVID’19 pandemic.

The projects include a sustainable mobility solution for Crete, which is a tourist destination in Greece that aims to reduce the time spent in finding a free parking space and thus reduce the associated chaos and pollution. The city will benefit from these improvements through the installation of some 600 Fastprk DUO sensors connected to the LoRaWAN local network. Other related actions include electric buses connecting the main city centre stops to the beach areas, charging station infrastructure, and electric scooter rental.

Mexico will also deploy around 180 intelligent parking sensors to facilitate the search for free spaces at peak times on the campus of one of the country’s most famous and crowded universities.

This is a good start for the company, after only one month since the announcement of the acquisition of Fastprk from Worldsensing. It shows the complementarity it brings to the mobility solutions portfolio, undoubtedly generating great business opportunities and market penetration for Urbiotica.

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