Discover Urbiotica’s new U-Spot 3.0 sensor with LoRaWAN connectivity at Intertraffic Amsterdam

Urbiotica is unveiling a new version of its magnetic detection sensor. The U-Spot 3.0 version represents a significant advancement in our parking sensor technology and will be available starting April 9, 2024. 

The evolution of the U-Spot 3.0 marks a notable advancement in parking sensor connectivity and efficiency. Driven by the LoRaWAN protocol, this advanced sensor offers a range of pioneering features: 

  • Enhanced connectivity: Equipped with LoRaWAN, the U-Spot 3.0 ensures robust and reliable connectivity, enabling efficient real-time communication. 
  • Integrated bluetooth module: The inclusion of a low-energy Bluetooth module facilitates local connectivity for maintenance tasks and network configuration, as well as opening up new possibilities for user identification applications. 

We’ll be sharing this at Intertraffic! 

You’ll be able to see the U-Spot 3.0 sensor in action and discuss all the details of the new release with our team at Intertraffic Amsterdam. Take advantage of our presence at the fair to schedule a meeting with our experts. 


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