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Urbiotica brings Smart Parking innovation to Toronto

Country: Canada
Project of: Guidance
Main products: U-Spot
The challenge

The challenge in Toronto involved testing various technologies under extreme cold conditions to improve urban parking management

The city faced significant challenges in efficiently managing parking, especially in areas without clearly marked spaces, affecting the availability and optimal use of these spaces. Additionally, it was crucial for the city to align with goals related to climate change, housing accessibility, and traffic congestion. 

The aim was to reduce traffic congestion and the scarcity of available spaces, ensuring that the implemented technologies were robust and functioned adequately at very low temperatures. Despite Toronto’s adverse weather conditions, the project was successfully completed, demonstrating the resilience of Urbiotica’s technology. 

The solution

The Toronto project, carried out in collaboration with our Canadian partner Electromega, focused on the implementation of U-Spot smart sensors to optimize urban parking management. 

Through the installation of these devices, real-time information on parking space availability is collected. This allows drivers to access updated data and reduce the time spent searching for a parking spot. The initiative aims to improve parking efficiency, reduce road congestion, and contribute to a smoother and more sustainable driving experience in the city. 

The advanced technology implemented included U-Spot sensors, the Parktime guidance app, and the ParkCtrl control application. These tools enabled precise real-time detection and efficient parking management, even under adverse weather conditions. 

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Space optimization: Better allocation and availability of parking spaces. 
  • Operational efficiency: Improvement in the management and control of regulated parking. 
  • Climate adaptability: Robust technology against extreme winter conditions. 
  • Contribution to urban goals: Support for climate change policies and congestion reduction. 
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