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U-Flow applied to traffic
capturing traffic data

U-Flow applied to traffic

Capturing traffic data in real time with minimum maintenance costs

Wireless, battery-fed traffic sensor which detects vehicles in real time along with the occupancy of the cars in a given lane, enabling multiple indicators such as the vehicle volume, occupancy and average speed to be calculated and vehicles to be classified by sizes and speeds.

Capturing traffic data
How does it work?

Detects vehicles in real-time along with the occupancy of the cars in a given lane. This information is aggregated in the cloud in periods of 1 to 15 minutes and made available to traffic systems for efficient mobility management

Why U-Flow?
Extremely accurate traffic detection

U-Flow is capable of detecting up to 10,000 vehicles per day. Plus, it dynamically adapts to changes in the traffic flow on the road and the types of vehicles circulating.

Design adapted to any type of road

It can be installed on urban roads, entrances and exits from towns, highways, and expressways, or at the entrances and exits to outdoor parking lots.

Easy installation and minimal maintenance cost

The installation is quick and easy and takes about 10 minutes per sensor. Plus, it can be installed without cables and with minimum public works. There is no need for manual calibration of the devices, which minimizes maintenance costs.

Easy integration with other systems

It can be integrated with existing traffic management systems via an API, making compatibility with existing systems easier.

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