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Urban parking guidance in the central zone of Ciudad del Rosario to alleviate traffic congestion caused by people searching for parking spots.

Country: Argentina
Project of: Urban parking guidance
Main products: U-Spot, driver guidance app
The challenge

To significantly lower the number of vehicles circulating in the city center searching for parking spots.

Rosario is a city in the southeast of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. It is the most populous city in that province and the third largest city in the country. Just as in the majority of overpopulated cities, every day it experiences major traffic congestion. In the specific case of the center of the city of Rosario, parking on public streets is hard to find, and many of the traffic jams are caused by people searching for parking.

The solution

The project in Ciudad del Rosario entailed installing 1,000 U-Spot sensors in addition to a parking guidance app for citizens.

Tránsito Rosario, the city’s parking concessionaire, was looking to include IoT solutions that served citizens. Via our local partner Gradicom, a vehicle guidance system was implemented to guide drivers to free parking spots, as well as to improve mobility in the zone and boost citizen satisfaction.
The solution consisted of installing 1,000 U-Spot parking detection sensors and implementing a parking guidance app for citizens, where they can see the available spots so they can head directly to them without having to drive around the city unnecessarily.
Thanks to this parking detection system, the city’s traffic problems have been solved.

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Reduces the number of vehicles searching for parking
  • Improves citizen satisfaction
  • Improves mobility in the city center
  • Improves environmental quality in the city
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