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Parking Detection Systems

State-of-the-art, robust, reliable parking detection systems to get the data needed for your smart parking project with very high data precision.

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Our Fastprk parking detection products

U-Spot: Single-spot IoT detection

Single-spot flush, autonomous parking sensor that detects the arrival, presence and departure of vehicles in any parking spot. Choose the U-Spot that best fits your project according to the optimal communication network: NB-IoT or LoRaWAN. For parking lots with a high density of spots or dispersed spots..

U-Spot Visio: Single-spot detection via cameras

Single-spot detection system based on processing images captured in real time by compatible cameras using artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. It captures information spot by spot and can reach a larger number of spots with a single camera.

U-Flow VISIO: tally detection of cars entering and leaving parking lots marked by cameras

It uses detection software based on artificial intelligence and deep learning to count the vehicles entering and leaving a marked parking lot.

Parking and sensor integration

Easily integrate availability data from your parking management systems or data on presence provided by your sensors, and vice-versa.

U-Admin: Device & Data management: Manage devices and data

Change settings, install, manage and maintain the system remotely


Detection is the foundation of Fastprk parking solutions

Guide drivers to an available parking spot. Optimize monitoring options on public roads.

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