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U-Admin Analytics

U-Admin Analytics

Generate reports and display the data generated for decision-making

This section shows everything from a panel with a variety of Business Intelligence graphs to rotation tables and completed alerts. It provides revenue graphs and reports for projects where there is revenue from tickets or notice of reports.

Modular, flexible structure so you can view the data according to your needs

U-Admin Analytics is a tool available in the web version of U-Admin with a host of possibilities and settings that can be changed so the data is optimally displayed. The Business Intelligence section allows the types and number of graphs that are needed for the project to be determined so similar graphs can be displayed with different filters or parameters.

U-Admin Analytics not only offers the data interface but also allows you to view each graph in full screen, print it, or download it in PDF, XLS and CSV format.

Types of graphs and tables in U-Admin Analytics


  • Compare several zones or parking lots according to one type of information
  • Compare several types of information for a zone or parking lot
  • Compare 2 time periods for information and a zone or parking lot
  • Project and Parking Lot occupancy heat map
  • Average occupancy by day of the week and time
  • Parking calendar


  • Rotation analyses
  • Completed rotations
  • Finished alerts
Why U-Admin Analytics?
The best way to see and analyze the behavior of parking lot users based on different measurements and parameters. Check whether behavior at regulated times is as expected or whether measures should be applied.
Main features
  • Variety of preconfigured graphs
  • List of data in table format
  • Variety of filters for further optimization of the data displayed
  • Information downloadable in multiple formats
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