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Fastprk control system

Fastprk’s parking control system encompasses a broad range of hardware and software products that enables it to cover the different use cases in controlling outdoor parking.

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Our Fastprk products to control parking

Mobile app and web platform to monitor regulated parking

Efficiently monitor compliance with and application of regulated parking rules via digitalization.

APP for users

ParkTime allows users to declare their use of a reserved parking spot and receive notifications on the amount of time remaining, as well as to check information on occupancy in real time.

U-Admin Analytics: Analyzes the parking lot's operation

Analyze the records (occupancy, rotations, vehicle flows) as well as violations (alerts, length, etc.) through different personalizable dashboards.

Fastprk DATA API

Easily integrate your user applications and/or your management applications with our alert engine.


Parking control is the foundation of Fastprk's comprehensive monitoring solutions

Optimizes control operations of urban areas

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