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Guidance solution for park & ride park

It promotes the use of Park & Ride parking lots in the city outskirts. It encourages the use of these parking lots by offering a positive user experience.

  • Encourage the use of P&R zones

  • Guide users to the free spots

  • Improve users’ experience

  • Lower the circulation of vehicles in the city center and the associated pollution

  • Lower the amount of time needed to find a parking spot

  • Improve users’ experience. It stimulates local businesses

How does it work?
Let us tell you quickly how it works
Custom-design your solution

Two kinds of detection. Choose the one that best meets your needs.


Single space flush, autonomous parking sensor that detects the arrival, presence and departure of vehicles in each spot. Choose the U-Spot that best fits your project depending on the most suitable communication network: NB-IoT or LoRaWAN.


Single-spot detection software based on processing images captured in real time by compatible cameras using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies. It captures information spot by spot, reaching a larger number of spots with a single camera.


Detection software based on artificial intelligence and deep learning to count the vehicles entering and leaving a parking lot using cameras.

The data detected are used to:

Inform citizens

Dynamic message signs

They show drivers the availability of spots in each parking zone

Parking guide app

It guides users directly to free spots and prevents unnecessary traffic congestion caused by drivers looking for parking spots.

Manage parking

U-Admin: Device & Data Management

Manage all the devices, apps and variable sign panels associated with your parking solution

U-Admin: Control Center

Check the status of all parking spots in real time

Why does our urban parking guide solution stand out?

  • The only solution in the world that offers spot-by-spot detection and tallying systems with the same communication and software infrastructure
  • 360-degree solution, from detection to the variable sign panels and guide apps
  • Robust, reliable vehicle detection equipment and technology with no maintenance
  • Quick, easy integration with other third-party parking systems via modern, standard APIs.

Frequent questions

How does technology stimulate the use of Park&Ride parking areas outside the city center?

With the Park&Ride solution, we provide real-time information to drivers about the availability of parking areas on the outskirts, significantly improving their parking experience in a much more efficient way. By encouraging the use of these areas, traffic congestion in the city center and pollution are reduced.

What detection options are available for the Park&Ride solution?

For our Park&Ride solution, we offer two detection options. If we’re talking about parking lots with delimited entrances and exits, we can use U-Spot VISIO camera detection, a software that processes images captured by compatible cameras using artificial intelligence and deep learning. For spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility or electric vehicles, we have the U-Spot embedded plaza-to-plaza sensor, which could also be used for all spaces in case of not having delimited entrances and exits.

What is the purpose of the dynamic message signs in Park&Ride?

The dynamic message signs in Park&Ride provide real-time information to drivers about available parking spaces, allowing them to make informed decisions. These panels are strategically located along the route to access the parking areas.

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