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Control solution for parking spaces reserved for electric vehicle charging

Improves the monitoring of places reserved for electric vehicle charging and ensures their availability for users who need to charge their vehicle.

  • Ensures compliance with the rules via user declarations.

  • Frees up parking spots used fraudulently and gives those who need them more possibilities.

  • Lowers monitoring costs thanks to automatic alerts.

  • Optimizes the use of parking spots.

  • Guides drivers directly to available spots.

  • Improves the experience of electric vehicle users.

How does it work?
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The U-Spot sensor detects the arrival of the vehicle and sends the information to the platform

The data detected are used to:

Inform citizens

Parktime: Parking guide app for users

Show drivers the availability of parking spots in each zone and allow them to declare that they have parked their vehicle.

Monitor parking

ParkCTRL monitoring for officers

Download and those who have exceeded the maximum time allowed.

U-Admin: Device & Data Management

Manage all the devices, apps and variable sign panels associated with your parking solution

Parking & Sensor integration

Fastprk can be integrated with third-party systems to both collect information on availability and share all the information generated.

Why does our electric vehicle monitoring solution stand out?

360-degree solution, from detection of the variable sign panels and the guide apps

Robust, reliable vehicle detection equipment and technology with no maintenance

The app for users facilitates and encourages its use by providing real-time information on the availability of parking spots.

The tools for the manager and officers facilitate monitoring and planning thanks to real-time visualisation of violations.

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