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Parking detection systems

  • Most reliable way to detects the arrival, presence, and departure of vehicles on the market.
  • Combines detection and notification technologies adapted to each project’s needs.
  • Offers the most reliable and robust products on the market: up to 10 years of lifespan.
  • Minimizes operating costs: quick installation and minimal maintenance
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Our Fastprk parking detection products

U-Spot: IoT single-spot detection

Detect the arrival, presence and departure of any vehicle in parking spots.

Choose the U-Spot that best fits your project.

U-Spot VISIO: AI single-spot detection

It uses spot-by-spot detection software via cameras based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, making it ideal for parking zones with a large number of concentrated parking spots.

U-Flow VISIO: AI tally detection of vehicles entering and leaving parking lots marked by cameras

It uses detection software based on artificial intelligence and deep learning to count the vehicles entering and leaving a parking lot using cameras.


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