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Parking guidance solutions

  • Optimizes the use of existing parking
  • Guides users to free parking spots
  • Lowers congestion
  • Lowers emissions
  • Improves users’ and citizens’ satisfaction
Optimises the use and capacity of outdoor parking
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Our Fastprk Parking Guidance products

Outdoor urban parking guidance

Lower the amount of time spent looking for parking and the associated traffic congestion by guiding drivers directly to free spots.

Park & Ride

It promotes the use of Park & Ride parking zones in the city outskirts to encourage drivers to use alternative transportation.

Tourist buses

It makes bus parking in tourist areas easier and lowers the traffic congestion and chaos created in the busiest parts of the city.

Shopping centers

It improves the experience of users going to the shopping center with the parking guide to free spots.


It guides employees and visitors directly to the free spots in the company’s parking area.


It improves the management of truck parking by implementing a real-time detection system based on parking spot sensors.


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Our parking guidance solutions offer a range of benefits, including the optimisation of the use of existing parking areas, guiding users to free parking spots, reducing traffic congestion, and consequently, decreasing emissions. We help optimise mobility with more efficient management that enhances the user experience.

Our parking guidance solutions are versatile and can benefit a variety of sectors beyond urban parking, including Park & Ride areas, companies, shopping centres, tourist buses, and trucks, by improving the management and availability of parking spaces.

Our parking guidance solutions enable drivers to faster locate available parking spaces, reducing the need for unnecessary driving. This not only eases stress and saves time for drivers but also has a positive impact on air quality by reducing emissions, promoting cleaner and healthier urban environments.

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