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guided parking control center

U-Admin Guidance Control Center

Access centralized real-time information simply and intuitively

The Control Center shows all the information on parking status in real time. View occupancy by spaces or parking lots on the map or use the list format to arrange the spaces according to the time they are occupied.

Monitor a complex system easily and intuitively
  • Change the settings of the different parking spaces according to the data display and generation preferences, either by space, streets, or sectors.
  • Locate the most congested areas rapidly based on a color scale on the map and on the graphics displayed.
  • Change the message on the variable signaling panels for optimal parking distribution.
  • Interact with the map for detailed information on the spaces or parking lots.
  • Detect unoccupied long-stay parking lots or spaces using the list of current rotations.
  • Have the history of parking lot movements monitored with the U-Flow sensor at your fingertips.
What can be done in the Guidance Control Center?
  • Filter the elements visible on the map by
  • Type of parking lot (sector, street, square)
  • Parking occupancy level (<50%, between 50% and 80%, between 80% and 95%, >95%)
  • Space status (free, occupied, or indefinite occupation)
  • Display the location of the spaces or parking lots configured on the map with a cartographic or satellite base.
  • Explore the historical data associated with a sensor by clicking on the map icon
  • See the list of current rotations and arrange them by space name, date of last change, and current time. Filter by occupancy status for a more precise search.-
  • Explore the history of parking movements monitored with U-Flow sensors.
Why U-Admin Control Center?
The Control Center offers all the information needed for the best guidance service while allowing you to detect any problem that needs to be dealt with and to act accordingly.
Main features
  • Interactive map of parking lots managed
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Graph of parking lot or space occupation by date range
  • Real-time and downloadable information on active rotations
  • Downloadable list of ratings made by the parking lot operators
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