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Monitoring parking spots for persons with reduced mobility in Valencia in order to track them more exhaustively.

Country: Spain
Project of: Monitoring persons with reduced mobility
Main products: U-Spot M2M and monitoring app
The challenge

To improve the monitoring and availability of PRM parking spots to ease users’ day-to-day lives.

Parking spots reserved for PRM have special features meant for people who carry a card confirming that they have reduced mobility. These spots ease their mobility as they are the minimum stipulated size and are located closer to the entrances of establishments. The goal of the project implemented in Valencia was to boost respect for the rules on PRM parking spots, to inform users of available spots near their location and to detect the presence of unauthorized vehicles.

The solution

The project implemented in Valencia entailed installing 1,060 sensors to improve users’ accessibility.

1,060 U-Spot M2M sensors were deployed to collect information on a web platform to enable real-time monitoring of the status of parking spots while automatically generating alerts for officers when an unauthorized vehicle is detected.
It improves PRM cardholders’ accessibility, as the data are captured and sent to users in real time. They can find out the occupancy of the parking spots at all times and know that they will find free spots if they need to travel.
Users have a better parking experience because they don’t have to drive around unnecessarily searching for a parking spot because they are guided directly to a free spot.

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Compliance with the rules on parking spots reserved for PRM.
  • Monitoring users frees up parking spots that are being used fraudulently, which means more available spots for those who need them.
  • Users get information on where they can find free parking spots in real time.
  • It lowers monitoring costs thanks to real-time visualisation of infractions.
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