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Parking guidance for regulated parking in Gliwice, Poland, in order to improve the management of these parking spots.

Country: Poland
Project of: Urban parking guidance
Main products: U-Spot DUO
The challenge

To improve the management of regulated parking spots in order to optimize traffic management.

The Polish town of Gliwice has around 200,00 inhabitants and an intricate city center. Due to an increasing influx of vehicles, it was having to deal with the usual challenges facing any modern city. The municipal authorities had to strike a balance between vehicle traffic and the needs of pedestrians in the urban zones. This necessitated a rational management of outdoor parking spaces which can guarantee more fluid traffic circulation while also meeting the needs of the residents and businesses in the zone.

The solution

U-Spot DUO was chosen for the Gliwice project, with a total of 300 monitored parking spots.

A total of 300 U-Spot DUO sensors were installed, as well as dynamic message signs which guide drivers directly to free parking spots. This also came with a mobile app that enables them to pay for parking by telephone.
The management platform collects the information captured by the sensor system and tells citizens about the availability of parking in real time. The sensors’ connection with the regulated parking system allows the city to detect vehicles that have not paid for their parking space.
The operator can also take dynamic measures to optimize the use of the parking spaces, such as adjusting fees for parking in different districts of the city or at certain times (events, peak shopping hours, etc.).

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Reduces the amount of time spent finding a parking space
  • Reduces traffic congestion and pollution
  • Allows parking to be paid for and renewed on the mobile network
  • Provides an overview and real-time occupancy of the parking spots
  • Parking spaces are managed dynamically and can be changed as needed
  • Detects vehicles that have failed to pay
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