Interview with Roberto García (Dinycon Sistemas)

Urbiotica had the pleasure to interview the CEO of Dinycon Sistemas. He gave us all the details about his experience deploying our parking solutions for their projects.

Dinycon is an engineering company with extensive experience integrating mobility solutions for people and vehicles.

Roberto, how did you get to know Urbiotica?

We came to Urbiotica because the market was demanding technological solutions and logically we valued the existing solutions and those that best suited that demand. In this path of research, we began to have the first conversations, then some first projects, and from there on we began to work with you. To date, there are already 3 or 4 projects of a certain magnitude deployed with your technology.

Have you had experience with other similar systems? Why did you choose to work with Urbiotica’s technology instead of others?

We have tested other systems based on image analysis technologies, but they were not as mature as Urbiotica’s solution. We have also examined wired solutions, by means of conduits and with the same aim, but we had some problems with the civil works, the maintenance and the precision of the system. This is why we finally chose Urbiotica’s solution. It is much easier to deploy thanks to its autonomous sensors, which have a useful life of many years. We have already worked with the Urbiotica system for several projects and it has proved to be reliable and work very well.

Tell us about the latest project recently deployed in Aranda de Duero. You installed 272 U-Spot sensors to capture occupation information and transmit it through digital panels to drivers, thus improving mobility and user satisfaction.
Could you give us feedback on the Urbiotica system installed there?

The system deployed has been the largest we’ve done so far. A major logistical planning had to be done with EYSA, the operator of the regulated area. n this case, all this has been deployed in the city center due to the level of saturation in the parking zone. During the entire deployment of the communications infrastructure, we were supported by one of your technicians to define the details of it. Your engineers were also with us for the plans and then we nuanced and precised all the location of these points.

The system has been working well and the panels are giving the corresponding information. I could also say that we have spoken with the regulated area parking operator and we have been told that they have already started to see positive results because they have detected that areas that were previously empty are now getting more rotation.

How Was Your Experience of Urbiotica’s Technical Support Throughout the Process?

The technical support you have given us in this and all previous installations has been excellent. They have always been willing to help us. It’s very nice to have remote support to lend a hand when you’re in the field with a problem. In moments when problems arose, they helped us to solve them in an agile way. We are very satisfied.

Tell us about the final client, EYSA and the City Council of Aranda. Are they satisfied with the solution deployed? What are the improvements or benefits of this system for them and the citizens?

The city council is delighted with the system and satisfied because it represents a technological deployment that positions Aranda as a pioneering Smart City in its area.

For EYSA the deployment of the system is also positive. The parking operator confirms that they have seen improvements and the parking areas are being used much more. With this project, they see an increase in the use of the regulated area and therefore notice an improvement in the results and an economic benefit of the operation.

Right now, citizens are in the adaptation phase. They are becoming familiar with the tools that are provided to find parking more quickly. In towns like Aranda, citizens have their customs and have to adapt little by little to the changes as they see the benefit of using it.

Finally, could you give us your general valuation of the relationship and the attention you received from Urbiotica?

It’s fine in every way. We don’t have any complaints, on the contrary, we like it and we are happy to be able to collaborate with companies like Urbiotica. I insist that it is important to have all the support. Especially in the moments of deployment when you are in the field working on the installation.

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