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Monitoring regulated parking spots in Viseu to improve the management and availability of parking in the zone.

Country: Portugal
Project of: Monitoring paid parking
Main products: U-Spot Duo, monitoring app
The challenge

To more exhaustively monitor paid parking spots while improving the availability of parking in Viseu.

The inhabitants of the town of Viseu found it difficult to find parking in the city centre, which caused pollution problems that were harming its citizens’ quality of life. The goal of this project was to better manage the regulated parking spots and encourage the use of public transport.

The solution

The project deployed 868 sensors scattered around the city which have optimized the use of these parking spots.

Monitoring of parking has improved by integrating the data in real time. The information from the 868 U-Spot DUO sensors is collected on a web platform, which allows for real-time monitoring of the status of the parking spots and generates automatic alerts if someone has not paid or has exceeded the paid parking time.
This improves accessibility and encourages the use of public transport. The data are sent to users in real time, and if they see that there are no free spots, they can decide to leave their car and take public transportation to get to the city center.
By guiding users to free spots, pollution has been lowered by up to 30%. Likewise, by increasing the likelihood of using public transportation, the number of cars circulating around the city center has dropped.

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Improved parking occupancy.
  • Higher officer productivity as vehicle-by-vehicle rounds are not needed.
  • Reduction in the amount of traffic caused by people searching for parking spots.
  • Encourages the use of public transportation.
  • Improves environmental quality.
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