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Monitoring of spots reserved for loading and unloading in Castellón de la Plana to prevent infractions.

Country: Spain
Project of: Monitoring loading and unloading
Main products: U-Spot M2M
The challenge

To improve respect for the rules in parking zones reserved for loading and unloading goods.

Castellón is a very dynamic city on the Mediterranean coast with an important tourism-related economy that supports local retailers. The daily volume of merchandise delivered requires the availability of parking spots reserved for these operations, and the City Hall wanted to improve monitoring through a pedagogical, efficient fraud-detection system.

The solution

The project implemented included the installation of 800 sensors divided into the different loading and unloading zones.

The implementation of 800 U-Spot M2M sensors makes it possible to monitor the status of the spots in real time and automatically generates alerts if an unauthorized vehicle parks in these spots.
By generating real-time alerts on infractions, citizens respect the rules more and leave the spots free for the users who really need them.
Furthermore, it improves users’ accessibility thanks to the real-time information on where they can find free spots. Drivers head directly to the zones with available spots, and this has positive consequences on the city’s traffic, which is more fluid.

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Higher officer productivity. Vehicle-by-vehicle monitoring can be avoided and instead officers can go directly to the vehicles incurring violations.
  • The identification and tracking of users drastically lowers the number of violations in these areas.
  • The greater availability and information on free spots prevents vehicles from double parking.
  • The reduction in violations means greater fluidity in urban mobility.
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