Rek Parking launches a project based on the sensorization of more than 700 spaces in Bento, Brazil

Rek Parking, Bento’s regulated parking operator, relies once again on Urbiotica’s smart parking solutions to enhance the service offered to the city. The project, currently in an initial pilot phase, will require more than 700 U-Spot parking sensors to be implemented in the city center to improve mobility while optimizing the management of the regulated parking area.

Bento’s mobility project began in early May on Rua Barão do Rio Branco and will be extended to other parking areas to provide citizens with real-time information about free spaces, retrievable for the users through the new Rek Parking application Rek Pay. Available for both Android and iOS, the APP will also allow payment for parking. This will make it much easier for the citizens to park in the central parking area, thus reduce search time, traffic and consequently the pollution generated by vehicle congestion.

On the other hand, the system will allow an optimization of the management of the regulated parking area. Thanks to this solution the regulated zone staff will be informed when a parked vehicle has exceeded the time limit, which in this case is a maximum of 2 hours. It will avoid cars parked indefinitely, favoring the rotation of vehicles, as well as efficiency in the use, management and results of the regulated area.

Photo: Marina Teles/Prefeitura de Bento Gonçalves

This project, the fourth deployed with Urbiotica technology in Brazil, adds Bento to the cities implementing an urban mobility improvement plan, which is currently one of the main concerns and focuses of action in the country. This Smart City project also means clear progress and modernization for the city.

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