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Urban parking guidance in Ibiza to the alleviate the congestion and nuisance caused by the influx of many tourists

Country: Spain
Project of: Urban parking guidance
Main products: U-Spot
The challenge

To make it easier to find parking in La Marina and to lower the flow of vehicles in the city center in order to improve the quality of life and satisfaction of residents and tourists while promoting the central shopping zone.

Ibiza is an island that has 133,000 inhabitants and welcomes more than 2 million tourists per year, most of them concentrated in the summer months. This seasonal influx hindered access to the city center and led to congestion caused by vehicles searching for parking in La Marina. It was lowering the people’s wellbeing and even having a negative impact on sales and the image of the zone.

The solution

The Ibiza project consisted of deploying U-Spot sensors in the 85 spots in the La Marina parking lot.

U-Spot sensors were deployed in all 85 parking spaces in La Marina. The data captured in real time are transformed into useful information that makes parking easier.

Sensors were installed in the parking spots in the La Marina sector, and a dynamic message sign was placed at the entrance to Calle d’Annibal, in which drivers were informed about the availability of spots, thus preventing cars from entering unnecessarily when the parking lot is full.

The solution implemented has optimized management of the parking lot and eased access to the city center. Citizens are satisfied because they no longer waste time looking for a parking spot, have less stress and have an improved quality of life. They are going back to the city center to shop, thus providing a boost to local retailers.

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Better rotation and occupancy of the parking lot.
  • Less traffic caused by people looking for parking.
  • Increases citizens’ satisfaction.
  • Improves environmental quality.
  • Citizen wellbeing and quality of life.
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