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Parking guidance for workers in the Glatt Group in Binzen, Germany

Country: Germany
Project of: Parking guidance for companies
Main products: U-Spot
The challenge

To optimize workers' search for parking, giving the company an innovative image.

The Glatt Group—a global leader in innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries—has a space measuring more than 10,000 km2 with more than 200 workers. Talking about the Glatt Group, Harald Schmitt, CEO of MSR-Traffic GmbH, says that ‘”the owner built a fantastic new building for his employees, and they also wanted to most cutting-edge technologies that could be installed in the direction of the parking lot.” This is why the Urbiotica solution was launched.

The solution

The Glatt Group project has 240 sensors in addition to LED screens that optimize the parking lot.

In order to optimize the search for a parking spot in the company’s parking lot, a simple smart detection system was installed in all 240 parking spots, along with LED screens that guide drivers to the open spots.

Each parking spot is equipped with a U-Spot sensor which detects changes in the magnetic field. The information captured is transmitted to the LED screens, which indicate the number of free parking spots per row.

Benefits of implementing this solution
  • Gives the image of a technologically innovative company
  • Improves workers’ and visitors’ satisfaction and experience
  • Improves environmental quality
  • Improves parking lot rotation and occupancy
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