Success in the implementation of dynamic signage in time-limited  parking areas by the Municipality of Ricany, Czech Republic 

Barcelona | December 2023 – The Municipality of Ricany, the Czech Republic has achieved notable success in its recent implementation of dynamic signage in time-limited parking zones. This initiative, carried out with the support of Urbiotica, aims to foster awareness and educate citizens about efficient parking space utilization. 

The dynamic signage involves the installation of variable display panels in five strategically positioned parking spaces at two different locations. Five spaces are located near the city center, where the Ricany Town Hall and a daycare are situated. The panels visually display the elapsed parking time for each designated space clearly and visually way. 

The innovative formula is designed to raise awareness among drivers about the importance of the rotating in the parking spaces. As a part of this initiative, when the parking time exceeds 15 minutes, the displayed number is highlighted in red, serving as a visual reminder to encourage rotation and efficient use of parking resources. 

This project aligns with the Municipality’s pioneering regulation of  limited parking time, which was introduced during the summer of 2023. To enhance the visibility of these dedicated spaces, they have been painted in a distinctive green color, symbolizing the municipal commitment to promoting sustainable practices. 

The outcome of this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, with citizens responding favorably to the campaign’s message. The Municipality reports a significant increase in parking space rotation, successfully achieving the initial objectives set for the awareness campaign. 

David Michalička, Mayor of Ricany, Czech Republic, expressed satisfaction, stating, We are delighted to witness the community embracing this innovative approach.‘ The dynamic signage has proven to be an effective tool in educating citizens about the importance of sharing parking spaces and promoting sustainable practices.” 

Building on this success, the Municipality plans to expand the dynamic signage initiative in 2024, with the introduction of an additional 30 spaces in various locations throughout the city. This project is a testament to the growing trend of smart cities adopting innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for residents and encourage sustainable mobility.