Urbiotica has been awarded a Sourcewell contract, marking another step forward in the US Market Expansion 

Urbiotica is pleased to announce the successful award of a Sourcewell contract, marking a significant milestone in our current focus on penetrating the United States market with our cutting-edge technology. Sourcewell has earned its trust as a reliable partner for public agencies, streamlining the procurement process and making it more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective for our clients. 

The execution of this contract, which follows an extensive and rigorous acceptance process by Sourcewell, serves to underscore Urbiotica’s extensive industry experience. With over 15 years of proven success and a track record of implementing our technology in over 50 countries, deploying more than 100,000 sensors, Urbiotica is now more recognized than ever as a market leader. 

“Our collaboration with Sourcewell means a significant milestone in our strategy to introduce our solutions to the US market,” stated Marc Boher, COO at Urbiotica. “We are deeply committed to transforming curbside management by offering tailored solutions that effectively address the parking needs of cities across the United States of America.” 

Urbiotica is a technology company specializing in delivering real-time parking occupancy information to streamline curbside management and enforcement, encompassing designated loading and disabled zones, among other uses cases. It provides comprehensive insights into curb usage, empowering cities to make data-driven decisions for urban planning. 

For more information about Urbiotica and our contract with Sourcewell, please visit Sourcewell here.