LUGO SMART joins the smart cities in Spain that improve mobility by deploying Urbiotica parking solutions

Lugo is committed to becoming a Smart City in a macro project promoted by the Galician town council that aims to transform the town by setting different objectives, such as improving the quality of life of the inhabitants and the efficiency of public services and promote the participation and transparency for citizens through new channels of information collection and dissemination.

Lugo Smart has the backing of, which finances 60% of the 4.1M euros that this project represents. A joint venture has been created as a technological partner of Lugo City Council, in which Minsait (Indra), R Cable and Altia participate in an alliance.

Smart management of outdoor parking spaces and waste collection are some of the vertical services that will be developed. Through the integrator Colabora, 200 Urbiotica U-Spot sensors will be installed in the outdoor parking spaces of the Rúa Doutor García Portela area, as well as in the public parking of the Lugo City Council offices.

MThis solution will detect the presence or not of vehicles in each of the spots. This information will be used to transmit to citizens in real time the parking space availability in these areas through 2 information panels that will have solar power. The project also contemplates the development of an app for citizens through which users will also be able to consult the status in real time. This solution will reduce the time spent by vehicles searching for a place to park and, consequently, congestion and polluting emissions.

ugo joins the pack of smart cities that have opted for the reliability of the Urbiotica system for outdoor parkings to improve the mobility and well-being of their inhabitants. Badajoz, Palamós, Alzira, Calvià, Aranda del Duero or Guadalajara, among many other Spanish cities, have done the same before.

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