Urbiotica collaborates with Telefónica to provide the parking guidance and signage solution for the most digitized shopping complex in Spain

In October last year, the most digitized commercial space in Spain, La Torre Outlet, was inaugurated in Zaragoza. The site has opted for technology and this is reflected in digital intelligence systems to keep track of visitor flows, Wi-Fi connection throughout the complex, as well as three interactive digital information points.

Customers who come to this space receive information from the stores in real time to plan the route they want to follow. In addition, there is a large curved digital screen where sporting events and musical performances are broadcast live.

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Another aspect that stands out in the digitalization of the commercial space is the smart parking that facilitates and streamlines parking for customers, showing at all times where to find parking spaces that are free. This solution that Urbiotica has implemented in collaboration with Telefónica reduces traffic and congestion in and around the parking lot by transmitting instant information about the availability of parking spaces in each sector.

What is the solution?

The new parking guidance solution equips the shopping complex with autonomous wireless sensors that detect the passage of vehicles, useful information that is transmitted for the management and control of parking areas. The system provided by Urbiotica has a total of 55 U-Flow sensors that are distributed in 7 zones of the parking lot, with the related communication infrastructure. Sensors with two-way counting have been installed in several lanes to increase the reliability of the system. In addition, there is an eighth zone in which information can be managed manually.

In addition to the sensors, 9 dynamic information panels have also been installed to indicate to users the availability of parking spaces in the different areas of the parking lot, one of which is powered by a solar energy panel. Of these nine panels, the largest has 7 different display modules.

In addition, Urbiotica has provided static panels that will signpost users to the location of the different parking areas in the commercial space.

La Torre Outlet also has access to U-Admin where all activity in the parking areas can be configured and reviewed. Managers can track the evolution of vehicle flows and zone occupancy at all times. Precise knowledge of the use of the different zones by customers provides information on hourly attendance or preferred zones, among other data of interest to the complex. All this provides an advanced behavioral analysis that allows the implementation of action plans.

The smart parking solution implemented at La Torre drastically reduces the time it takes visitors to find a parking space. They come without stress and have a better shopping experience and disposition, which favors sales, as well as second visits and recommendations. The technological solutions incorporated convey the image of an innovative company. This, together with a good user experience, improves customer perception and brand positioning.

How does the system work?

The U-Flow sensor is used when parking areas are well delimited with clear entrances and exits. The system calculates the total availability of parking spaces with respect to the total capacity that has been previously configured, in order to transmit it to the users through information panels.

  • The driver goes to a parking area and accesses it through a well-defined entrance. The U-Flow sensor installed at the entrance detects the passage of the vehicle and sends the information to the platform through the communication network.
  • The platform collects the data and based on the total capacity of the parking lot, recalculates the free spaces based on this new access and sends the updated data to the information panels and/or Apps linked to the new availability. In this case it will indicate one free space less.
  • When the vehicle exits the area, and passes over the U-Flow sensor installed in the exit lane, the process is carried out in reverse. The system transmits the updated data indicating one more free space to the total available in the parking area.
  • From the U-Admin platform, the manager can manage the published information, as well as configure, monitor and consult all system activity.

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