Belgium is progressively adopting U-Flow parking solution for P+R

Belgium is one of the densest countries in Europe and has an exceptional architectural heritage to protect with beautiful city centers. The Belgian capital, for example, was renowned for gridlock and every day 225.000 people commuted into the city spending an average of 3 days and 11 hours a year stuck in traffic. Therefore, decision-makers’ years ago adopted and developed P+R (park & ride) solutions to offer an effective multimodality solution for drivers coming from the outskirts and willing to access the city centers.

To promote these wide, free and barrierless facilities, an increasing number of cities chose U-Flow Parking solution to monitor the parking availability in real time by using counting sensors at the parking entrances and exits, and thus inform it to drivers through mobile apps and VMS in their key decision-making points.

5 cities and one shopping center are already using the solution on a daily basis. They indicate the free space options and help drivers take the right mobility decision. In total, more than 10 parking facilities are making the most of the simplicity and completeness of the solution.

The real-time information, once transformed in historical data analytics, also helps the mobility managers and city planners study in detail the use of each parking: vehicles flow at peak hours, occupancy overtime, special events use, are some of the key information making possible the analysis of past and current situation to decide better where and when investments are required.

All projects have been deployed and integrated by Be-Mobile, the belgian leader for smart mobility solutions.

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