Two new smart parking lots arrive in the province of Salamanca

The municipalities of Ciudad Rodrigo and Peñaranda de Bracamonte, in Salamanca, will have two smart parking areas installed by the end of the year. Esto es gracias a la financiación de la Diputación de Salamanca junto con el Organismo de Recaudación y Gestión Tributaria (Regtsa).

In Peñaranda de Bracamonte, with an area of 23 km² and more than 6,000 inhabitants, 50 sensors will be installed. Ciudad de Rodrigo, in turn, will have 100 sensors installed. The Provincial Council, through Regtsa, put out to tender the installation of this type of solution and these are the localities that have obtained the highest score.


At the time of the valuation, the technicians took into account aspects such as whether the town had been declared a Historic Site or the volume of revenue it generated.

The sensor that will be used for both projects is the U-Spot M2M, a spot-to-spot detection sensor that uses the mobile network directly. In addition, there will be 5 variable message signs to guide drivers directly to free spots.

Thanks to the sensorization of parking spaces, local residents will be guided directly to free spaces and traffic and chaos generated by vehicles looking for parking will be avoided.

The information about the spots collected by the sensors will be integrated with the Thinking Cities Telefonica platform, a FIWARE-based platform that allows connecting devices and receiving data, integrating all device protocols and connectivity methods.

How does the urban guidance solution work?

  1. The driver goes to a free parking space guided by the information displayed on the variable message sign. He parks his vehicle. The U-Spot sensor detects the arrival of the vehicle and sends the information to the platform.
  2. The platform collects the data and sends the updated information to the variable information panels with the new availability, which in this case will indicate one less free space.
  3. When the vehicle is removed, U-Spot no longer detects its presence. It sends the information again so that the system transmits that the space is again unoccupied.
  4. DFrom the U-Admin platform, the manager can configure, monitor and consult all system information.

This simple system of smart parking, Salamanca guarantees real-time information to his residents so that they can easily decide where to park their vehicles. Optimal use of the parking spaces is guaranteed thanks to the updated information. In addition, they are guided to the areas with the highest parking availability.

On the other hand, the city enjoys smoother traffic flow by avoiding vehicles circulating in search of parking. Urban mobility is improved and citizens enjoy a less noisy, more efficient and sustainable city with a better quality of life.

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